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  • SBC Council Plan 2023 -Draft

    Please find below a draft of the Council Plan from April 2023 on which we are inviting comments. The contents of the plan are informed by the Council’s Summer Tour as well as the Place-Making workshops undertaken last year. Comments will inform the final draft Council Plan to be... More
    Opened 16 January 2023
  • 2023/24 Budget survey

    Borders residents are being urged by cross-party politicians to complete a new survey and help shape the next Council budget, due to be set in February 2023. The survey also provides Borderers with the opportunity to provide feedback on a number of other areas, including public... More
    Opened 21 December 2022
  • Bus Network Review 2022

    Have your say on the future of the Borders’ bus network Borders businesses and residents are being encouraged to take part in a survey which will help shape the future of the bus network in the area. Following changes to travel habits, both gradual and more... More
    Opened 21 November 2022
  • Tweedbank Expansion Neighbourhood Centre 2022

    This public consultation has opened to gather feedback on the preferred uses to be developed within the area designated as a ‘Neighbourhood Centre’ within the Tweedbank Expansion site. The Neighbourhood Centre is identified within the ‘Tweedbank – Vision for Growth and... More
    Opened 20 October 2022
  • West Linton Village Centre Asset Transfer Request

    An asset transfer request has been made to Scottish Borders Council under Part 5 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. The request has been made by West Linton Village Centre Trust and relates to West Linton Village Centre, West Linton EH46 7ED. The... More
    Opened 8 October 2022
  • Private Landlord Survey 2022

    This survey aims to collect the views of private landlords across a number of topics such as repairs, rental practices and tenant relations. The survey will help us to gain a better understanding of the private rented sector, your needs as landlords and help us to identify any areas where... More
    Opened 6 October 2022
  • Licensing Short Term Lets 2022

    Scottish Borders Council is seeking your views on the proposed Short Term Lets Licensing Policy Statement. Here is a copy of the draft Short Term Lets Licensing Policy Statement. We are specifically asking your views about the proposed additional conditions set by Scottish Borders... More
    Opened 5 October 2022
  • Play Area improvements 2022/23

    SBC is investing over £4 million in Play Areas and Outdoor Community Spaces over a seven year period. The intention is to improve community wellbeing and enhance outdoor activity for children and young people inclusive of all levels of ability. SBC currently has 187 play parks ranging from... More
    Opened 28 July 2022
  • Health and Social Care - Community Feedback 2022

    As the country moves into a new phase of living with COVID, the Scottish Borders Health and Social Care Partnership (H&SCP) recognises the need to redesign and transform services to ensure that they are sustainable and affordable. The pandemic has resulted in more people being unwell and a... More
    Opened 18 July 2022
  • Local Housing Strategy 2023-28 Resident Workshops - Sign Up

    Here you can register for one of our four Resident Workshop sessions. The workshops are a chance to discuss the housing issues which matter to you with other Scottish Borders residents. Your contributions will feed into the development of our next Local Housing Strategy. More
    Opened 16 July 2022
  • Local Housing Strategy 2023-28 Stakeholder Survey

    We are seeking the views of stakeholders in relation to Scottish Borders’ future Local Housing Strategy. As part of the early engagement, we have developed four issues papers: Housing Delivery and Place Making Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Housing Quality ... More
    Opened 16 July 2022
  • Local Housing Strategy 2023-28 Resident Survey

    We are seeking the views of residents in relation to Scottish Borders’ future Local Housing Strategy. As part of the early engagement, we have developed four issues papers: Housing Delivery and Place Making Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Housing Quality ... More
    Opened 16 July 2022
  • Redevelopment of Jedburgh Grammar School site

    This public consultation has opened to gather feedback on the redevelopment of the former Jedburgh Grammar School site. The former school buildings are currently vacant and Scottish Borders Council (SBC) intends to sell the site as a commercial redevelopment opportunity to bring investment... More
    Opened 12 July 2022
  • Z - Closed -Tweeddale community survey – June 2022

    This community survey is to help us to access and evaluate customer satisfaction with the local provision of I&E services across Tweeddale. These services include: Waste and recycling collections. Community recycling. Roads repairs and maintenance. ... More
    Opened 27 June 2022
  • Free Period Products Consultation

    No one should feel embarrassed or miss school or work because they don’t have the period products they need. That’s why free, period products such as tampons, pads and reusable products will soon be available free for anyone in the Scottish Borders who needs them. We are now looking... More
    Opened 17 June 2022
  • Sexual Entertainment Venue Licensing Policy 2022

    On 25 March 2021, Council resolved to licence sexual entertainment venues. This followed a change in legislation which allows local authorities to licence such venues and which also stipulated that any such licensing schemes could not come into effect until at least a period of one year had... More
    Opened 16 June 2022
  • Electric Vehicle consultation

    With the clear commitments to deliver Net-Zero there are several key targets to hit over the coming 23 years. This will require a significant change in Local Authority, business and citizens travel habits and adoption of sustainable travel options like Electric Vehicles. To enable this to be a... More
    Opened 12 May 2022
  • z - Closed - Nursery lunch consultation for parents/carers 2022

    We are evaluating lunches in local authority Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) settings, this survey is for parents/carers of children accessing funded ELC in a nursery run by Scottish Borders Council. The expansion of ELC, which was fully implemented in Scottish Borders in August... More
    Opened 9 May 2022
  • Improving Mental Health in the Scottish Borders

    Mental Health Improvement and Suicide Prevention – Action Plan Development (2022-2025) The Scottish Borders Joint Health Improvement Team (part of Public Health) is working with a multi-agency steering group of statutory and third sector partners to... More
    Opened 9 May 2022
  • School Meals Survey 2022

    A good diet is essential for good health and it is important that children and young people are provided with a solid foundation for establishing healthy life-long eating habits. Although schools alone cannot be expected to address poor eating habits, schools can make a valuable contribution... More
    Opened 9 May 2022
  • Interim Common Good Listing 2022

    This is a copy of the consultation seeking views on the Common Good registers for the former Burghs of the Scottish Borders. This consultation opened on 21 December 2021 and closed on 31 March 2022. Background: All former Burghs have a 'Common Good' which comprises the land,... More
    Opened 9 May 2022
  • Scottish Borders Council Taxi Fare Review 2022/2023

    Scottish Borders Council reviews taxi fares every 18 months and must consult with operators and members of the public on any proposals to change the taxi fare tariff. The council uses a formula which was agreed between the trade, the traffic commissioner and the council to determine... More
    Opened 25 April 2022
  • Priorities for the Scottish Borders (2022)

    Scottish Borders Community Planning Partnership is refreshing the priorities for our area. This work will take account of how community priorities may have changed since the pandemic. Community planning is the process by which Councils and other public bodies such as Health Boards and Police... More
    Opened 7 April 2022
  • Kerbside Waste and Recycling 2022

    Scottish Borders Council is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, and providing services which are fit for the future. We can all play our part to reduce the impact on the environment by the way in which we deal with the waste we produce. The Council would like to... More
    Opened 9 March 2022
  • Tweedbank to Eyemouth Active Travel Route

    Scottish Borders Council has received funding from the South of Scotland Enterprise for a feasibility study of a new 53km active travel route (for walking, cycling and wheeling) between the existing Tweedbank Railway Station and the new Reston Station Scottish Borders. The route is to be... More
    Opened 2 March 2022
  • Temporary 40 mph Speed Limit Consultation 2022

    As part of the Sustrans Spaces for People program to encourage active travel during the Covid 19 pandemic the speed limit on the above roads were reduced to 40mph. The Council is keen to gather the views of those who live and use these roads to determine if there is demand to retain the 40mph... More
    Opened 28 January 2022
  • Caddonfoot Road Temporary Closure

    As part of the SUSTRANS Spaces for People Project to encourage active travel during the Covid pandemic the Council restricted vehicle access on the Caddonfoot Road to allow pedestrians, cyclists and other wheeled users to make use of the road to access the playing field and to exercise in... More
    Opened 28 January 2022
  • Jim Clark Rally 2022

    The organisers of the Jim Clark Rally have lodged an application with Scottish Borders Council seeking a Motor Sport Order to run the event in May 2022. To approve the rally, legislation requires the Council to consider any potential impacts, both positive and negative, on local... More
    Opened 24 January 2022
  • Scheme of Integration 2022 Consultation

    The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 introduced a statutory duty for NHS Boards and Local Authorities to integrate the planning and delivery of health and social care services. It required the creation of Integration Authorities. The aim was to ensure that: ... More
    Opened 18 January 2022
  • Common Good Consultation 2022

    This consultation seeks your views on the Common Good registers for the former Burghs of the Scottish Borders. All former Burghs have a 'Common Good' which comprises the land, buildings, art, artefacts and funds which were owned and managed by the Burgh Council on behalf of the residents of... More
    Opened 21 December 2021
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