Licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues

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Closes 14 Feb 2021

Why are we Consulting

Current Position

There are no SEVs in the Scottish Borders area and as far as the Council is aware there are no plans to open one.  There are SEV’s in some of the cities or larger towns in Scotland. It is highlighted that the Act provides that premises where sexual entertainment is provided on not more than 3 occasions per year are not to be treated as a SEV.

At the moment SEVs do not need a licence. Therefore should any SEV open within the Scottish Borders it would not need to be licensed and as such would be unregulated. The Scottish Parliament has left it for each Council in Scotland to decide whether or not to introduce a new licensing system so that they can regulate SEVs in their own area.  If a Council decides that a licence should be required to operate any SEV, that decision is called a “Resolution”.