Chiefswood Road Questionnaire

Closed 28 Mar 2021

Opened 5 Mar 2021

Results updated 13 May 2021

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As part of the Spaces for People survey the Council received a number of requests to improve pedestrian and cycle provision on Chiefswood Road as part of a public survey last year and is considering a trial one way downhill on Chiefswood Road from April to September 2021. Spaces for People is a fund that is being managed by Sustrans Scotland from the Scottish Government  ‘to implement temporary active travel measures, helping to ensure that people can walk, cycle and wheel during this public health emergency whilst physically distancing and keeping safe from traffic.’ 

This would see Chiefswood Road vehicular traffic being temporarily restricted after the Fairways junction to one lane downhill travel with a 40mph speed limit.  Traffic would remain two way between Dingleton Road and Fairways junction to accommodate Fairways residents.

The rest of the road would be converted to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians with a form of physical segregation from motor vehicles.  All costs for the trial would be met from the externally funded Spaces for People from Sustrans and the Scottish Government.  Further information on the fund can be found here:

The remaining road width would provide a shared cycle and pedestrian space.

The existing road verge is not wide enough to provide a suitable off-road path for pedestrians and cyclists to use.

This one way downhill restriction would likely result in more vehicles travelling through Melrose Town Centre and using Dingleton Hill throughout the day, which Melrose Community Council have some concerns about.

The downhill has been chosen as the favoured direction of travel as this is the most direct route to the hospital and train station.

Emergency services and Borders Buses have been consulted and they are of the opinion they could accommodate a trial one way system.  Buses would continue to operate and turn in the Harleyburn Drive development.


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