Proposal to close Ettrick Primary School

Closed 28 Apr 2019

Opened 4 Mar 2019


Details of the Proposal

It is proposed, subject to the outcome of this statutory consultation process as set out in the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010 as amended, that:

  • Ettrick Primary School is permanently closed; and
  • If the school is closed, the catchment area for Ettrick Primary School is permanently zoned to Kirkhope Primary School

Why your views matter

Ettrick Primary School was mothballed in 2012 following a significant drop in pupil numbers. Since mothballing, the Council has monitored the school and the provision of education in the area. An Options Appraisal Report has been completed considering all reasonable options regarding the school's future. This Appraisal indicated that the most appropriate option is the permanent closure of the school.

The Council is now seeking your views on the proposals and options, prior to making a final decision regarding the future of the school.

A copy of the Proposal Paper, the Options Appraisal and a response form can be accessed through the links below

What happens next

All responses received will be shared with Education Scotland. Education Scotland will meet with parents, pupils and staff of the Affected Schools and will prepare a report commenting on the Educational Benefits of the proposal(s) and on the consultation process. Following receipt of the Education Scotland report, the Council will prepare a report (1) responding to the responses received during the consultation process, (2) responding to the comments in Education Scotland's report and (3) addressing any errors contained in Proposal Paper. This report will be published, following which there will be a further 3 week period for further representations on the proposal(s).



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