Consultation Report - Proposal to amend the catchment areas for Yarrow Primary School and Philiphaugh Community School

Closed 21 Nov 2019

Opened 24 Oct 2019

Results expected 21 Jan 2020

Feedback expected 22 Jan 2020


In May 2019, Scottish Borders Council commenced a statutory consultation on a proposal to amend the catchment areas for Yarrow Primary School and Philiphaugh Community School.

Scottish Borders Council has prepared a Consultation Report responding to the comments and issues raised during the consultation period. This report can be accessed below.

Scottish Borders Council is now seeking your views on the proposal and the Consultation Report and/or any alternative suggestions to the proposal.

Why We Are Consulting

We are consulting on this proposal in attempt to increase the roll at Yarrow Primary School and to improve the sustainability of the school.

We are seeking your views on the proposal and on the consultation report. Please also let us know if you have any further suggestions regarding the proposal.

What Happens Next

All responses received will be considered as part of the report that will be presented to the Education Executive in January 2020 making a recomendation for a decision regarding the catchment zones.

If the decision is made to amend the catchment zones this will become effective on as soon as possible thereafter with transport still being provided for those children in the Yarrowford and Broadmeadows area to Philiphaugh Community School if those children wish to continue to attend that school.


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  • Eildon - Selkirk


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