Youth Chex - The Big Vote

Closed 23 Feb 2018

Opened 16 Feb 2018

Results expected 27 Feb 2018

Feedback expected 28 Feb 2018


Welcome to the Scottish Borders Youth Chex YOYP2018 fund voting site.

Youth Chex is a grant scheme for young people decided by young people.  This vote is your opportunity to decide which 5 projects receive support for their YOYP2018 project.

Voting opens Friday 16th February and will close at midnight on Friday 23rd February.

The results will be announced by 5pm on Tuesday 27th February.

What happens next

On Monday 26th February the votes will be counted using a single transferrable vote system.  Once the votes have been counted all applicants will be notified of the outome by Tuesday 27th February.  A pubic announcement will be made shortly after.


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