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  • Caring Together – Supporting Carers in the Scottish Borders Strategy Consultation

    Caring Together sets out to support carers’ health and wellbeing and to help make caring more sustainable for carers in the Scottish Borders. It aims to build on work that has been achieved by previous strategies and underpins the future development of support, information and advice services... More
    Closes in 1 week
  • Parking in the Scottish Borders

    The purpose of this survey is to establish any issues in relation to short-term public car parking in the Scottish Borders. The information gathered will be submitted to a short-term Working Group on Parking Issues which has been set up by Scottish Borders Council and which will report in Autumn... More
    Closes in 1 week
  • Draft Physical Disability Strategy Consultation

    The Physical Disability Strategy is to assist in providing a fairer Scottish Borders for people with a physical disability or long-term condition and their carers. The Draft Physical Disability Strategy, including an easy read version, plus other details regarding living with a physical... More
    Closes in 1 week
  • Review of Scottish Borders Licensing Board Policy Statement

    The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 previously required Licensing Boards to review and publish a Statement of its Licensing Policy every 3 years. The Policy provides guidance for the Board, applicants and anyone with an interest in alcohol licensing in relation to how alcohol sales are regulated in... More
    Closes in 1 month
  • Scottish Borders Household Survey

    Scottish Borders Council would like to hear your views about issues such as quality of life in the Borders, your neighbourhood, council services and your involvement in public decision making. We need to get the views of as many residents as possible in order to build an accurate picture of... More
    Closes in 3 months
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