Christmas 2021 & 2022 school holiday proposal

Closed 29 Aug 2021

Opened 23 Jun 2021


School holidays are usually set 3 years in advance to allow families and schools to plan ahead. When planning school holiday and inservice dates we must ensure 190 school days for children and 195 days for staff each year. Although the school holiday dates for this coming session were agreed and published several years ago, we have been approached by a number of parents and staff about adjusting them, especially the Christmas holiday dates. Although the dates are similar to neighbouring local authorities, some feel a slightly earlier finish in December would allow more time to enjoy Christmas festivities for children and staff and would be beneficial.

The options are shown on the document below.

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Why your views matter

Therefore we are seeking your views on whether we should adjust the holiday dates for 2021-22 and 2022-23 as detailed above.


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  • Children and Young People