Eyemouth Fit for 2024 property event survey

Closed 2 Dec 2019

Opened 3 Oct 2019


As part of Fit for 2024 programme, we must drive innovation and creativity when it come to our properties.

This is because the size of our estate and the running costs involved are not sustainable. 

On average, we spent £14million each year in the running costs of property which includes refurbishing and repairing the current estate.  

However, the sheer size of that estate means that investment is spread too thinly and makes it impossible to sustain safe and fit-for-purpose properties.

We want to be bolder and braver when it comes to making decisions about estates and engage with communities and partners on how we can together meet changing customer needs and community demands.

Why We Are Consulting

Community groups and members of the public were invited to view plans for the new Eyemouth Community Campus at an event in Eyemouth Primary School on Thursday 26 September. 

The event aimed to give local people the opportunity to find out more about the investment proposals for the new community campus and for the local authority to listen to the community’s views. 

The display boards from the event are available and show how new educational facilities, local services and extra care housing could be co-located on a single campus as part of a wider masterplan for the development of the primary and former high school site. 

The event was also intended to be a starting point for discussions around other buildings in the town – in particular, the library, the contact centre and the community centre.

To help inform the development of the campus and shape the future of the current library and community centre buildings we are seeking your views in the following brief survey which is based on the questions posed to attendees at the event on 26 September.

Please note, comments submitted as part of this survey will not be forwarded on for consideration as part of the formal planning application process for the proposed housing development.

This is because under planning regulations the Council is unable to receive comments until an application is formally submitted.

Should you wish to comment on the planning application, when it is submitted, you will need to do so separately. Information on commenting on a planning application is available.


  • Berwickshire - Ayton
  • Berwickshire - Chirnside
  • Berwickshire - Coldingham
  • Berwickshire - Coldstream
  • Berwickshire - Duns
  • Berwickshire - Eyemouth
  • Berwickshire - Greenlaw
  • Berwickshire - Rural
  • Berwickshire-Rural


  • Anyone from any background


  • Children and Young People
  • Early Years
  • Education
  • Libraries
  • Older people
  • Community councils