Localities Bid Fund Evaluation

Closed 11 Apr 2018

Opened 21 Mar 2018

Results Updated 27 Jun 2018

This survey was available to groups that had applied to the Localities Bid Fund, as well as the wider Scottish Borders community, from 21st March to the 11th April 2018.

A total of 181 responses were received, of these 76 were from those who had submitted an application to the LBF while 105 were from those that hadn’t.

This evaluation report and recommendations for Round 2 of the Localities Bid Fund will be presented to Scottish Borders Council for discussion on 28th June 2018.



The purpose of the Localities Bid Fund (LBF) is to support community groups to develop ideas or projects which improve the lives of people living in the Scottish Borders. 

The decision as to which groups will be awarded funding is made via a public vote. This process is called participatory budgeting.

We would be really grateful if you would complete this short evaluation to give us your views and help us further develop our process for future participatory budgeting.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Local Government