Play Area improvements 2022/23

Closed 31 Aug 2022

Opened 28 Jul 2022

Results updated 21 Nov 2022

As part of SBC's investment in outdoor spaces, a number of communities are due to have the play equipment in their local play park updated.  Communities have been asked to consider what play equipment they would like to see installed and the results of the consultation are detailed in the attached report.

SBC is now going to tender for a contractor to install the play equipment and further conversations with the community will be had to finalise the play equipment they would like to see in their area. 



SBC is investing over £4 million in Play Areas and Outdoor Community Spaces over a seven year period.  The intention is to improve community wellbeing and enhance outdoor activity for children and young people inclusive of all levels of ability.   SBC currently has 187 play parks ranging from smaller local areas of play to destination play parks.  A programme of investment has been developed based on previous improvements to play areas and community spaces to provide children and young people with meaningful play opportunities.   To help ensure this is achieved, play areas will include items that are accessible for all such as wheelchair roundabouts, trampolines, ramped multi plays, basket swings and play panels.

The six play areas to be invested in this year are in The Green in Gavinton, Jenny Moore's Road in St Boswells, The Orchard in Newstead, Bog Park in Selkirk, High Croft in Kelso and Eliot's Park in Peebles.  Conversations are currently taking place in these communities to find out what improvements people would like to see in the play areas.  People can also have their say on the development of these play areas through this consultation. 

Why your views matter

SBC would like your views of how the play areas can be improved to help shape the future of these play areas for children and young people. 


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Children and Young People