Consultation on Encouraging Housing Development in the Scottish Borders

Closed 1 Apr 2019

Opened 7 Jan 2019


The Housing Supply Strategy has been developed to help better understand how Scottish Borders Council and it's partners can more effectively respond to the challenge of increasing the supply of new and suitable housing for the local area, while acheiving our strategic vision for housing growth in the Borders over the next ten years and beyond. The Housing Supply Strategy supports the Local Housing Strategy (2017-2022) with particular focus on strategic priority 1 of the LHS: The supply of housing meets the needs of our communities. Providing an adequate supply of new, high quality and appropriate housing will aid in not only sustaining our rural communities, but also attracting potential new residents.

Why your views matter

As stated in our over-arching Communications Plan, we are committed to consulting and engaging with our key stakeholders. We are keen to obtain stakeholder's comments on a range of issues relating to housing supply in the Scottish Borders in order to better inform our Strategy. Once we have processed all responses, our strategy will be developed accordingly so as to reflect consensus on the range of questions we are asking.


  • All Areas


  • Built heritage groups
  • Developers/investors
  • Development planning key agencies
  • Housing associations
  • Landowners
  • Planning consultants


  • Development management statutory consultations