Consultation on Lauder Common Woodland Scheme

Closed 10 Jan 2021

Opened 2 Nov 2020


Under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 the local authority is required to consult with the local community when it is planning to make changes to  common good property.

It is proposed that the Lauder Common Good removes from its existing lease to the Lauderhill Sheep Company, seven areas of land extending to 22.7 hectares in order to undertake a scheme of woodland planting. The Lauderhill Sheep Company is agreeable to this proposal, which leaves the company with sufficient grazing space.

The proposal is to plant the following native tree species:- oak 25%, alder 4%, willow 2%, hazel 9%, aspen 6%, Scots pine 24%, birch 13.5%, rowan 6%, juniper 1.5%, bird cherry 5%, holy, hawthorn and blackthorn 2%, Norway spruce 3%.

In order to fund the planting, the Lauder Common Good will apply for grant funding from Scottish Forestry and the Carbon Trust. Only if this funding is obtained, will the scheme proceed.


  • Eildon - Lauder


  • Anyone from any background


  • Natural heritage/open space
  • Local Government
  • Community councils
  • Common Good