Updated Supplementary Planning Guidance – Planning Brief – Former Borders College Galashiels

Closed 30 Mar 2021

Opened 16 Feb 2021


The 'Updated Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) - Planning Brief - Former Borders College Galashiels' will replace the previous Planning Brief adopted in 2009 for the site which is now out of date on a number of component parts. The updated SPG ensures reference to up to date policies and site requirements to be addressed which will help provide relevant guidance to enable the satisfactory development of the site.

The updated SPG creates a development vision, addresses potential constraints on the site and encourages good quality redevelopment in accordance with sustainability principles in keeping with the townscape of the settlement and integrates with its landscape surroundings. The SPG provides guidance to any developer of the site or any other interested party and will be a material consideration when determining planning applications.

The updated SPG can be found on the following webpage.

Why your views matter

The consultation provides an opportunity for the public and stakeholders to have their say and comment on the updated SPG. This consultation is open to everyone who would like to comment on the updated SPG on the Formers Borders College site on Melrose Road in Galashiels.


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