National Entitlement Card 2021

Closed 25 Apr 2021

Opened 15 Mar 2021


The National Entitlement Card (NEC) is a national programme sponsored by the Scottish Government.  It provides citizens with a single card which can have multiple uses.  Within Scottish Borders, the National Entitlement Card is used for travel concessions, as a Library Card, for Young Scot Discounts, as a Proof of Age for young people and is essential for Cashless Catering in secondary school canteens.

The card will also display the Young Scot, EURO<26 and PASS Hologram on it.  Young Scot is the national Youth Information agency for Scotland and is a Registered Charity. The Young Scot and EURO<26 logos entitle the holder to special discounts in 1,800 places across Scotland and over 200,000 places across Europe. The PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) hologram allows you to use the card as proof of age within the UK. You can find out more about these at


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  • Children and Young People