Have Your Say - Placemaking and Community Engagement Sign Up

Closes 24 Feb 2026

Engaging with Scottish Borders Council, and beyond

We have some ideas about how we can communicate with the wider Scottish Borders community, and our email sign up is part of that...

However, we want to know how we can best support our communities to be more engaged - so welcome any ideas you have to get the conversation going.

How do you currently engage with Scottish Borders Council online?
If you don't currently engage with us, could you tell us why not?
How would you like to engage with us?
Do you currently engage with other parties around issues in your area?
If you answer Community Trust / Group, or Other, please give details
Have you ever attended any of the following?
Do you know where to go, or who to speak to if you want information, have an idea, or are looking for help with community projects and initiatives?
Have you any thoughts or ideas about how we can engage better with our communities?