Sexual Entertainment Venue Licensing Policy 2022

Closed 18 Sep 2022

Opened 16 Jun 2022


On 25 March 2021, Council resolved to licence sexual entertainment venues. This followed a change in legislation which allows local authorities to licence such venues and which also stipulated that any such licensing schemes could not come into effect until at least a period of one year had passed after the resolution had been adopted. As part of the legal process, the Council is required to prepare and publish a sexual entertainment venues policy statement to support the consideration of:

  • Preventing Public Nuisance, Crime and Disorder
  • Securing Public Safety
  • Protecting Children and Young People from Harm
  • Reducing Violence against Women

This is the draft licensing policy for Sexual Entertainment Venues.

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The Council is seeking your views on the terms of a draft Policy Statement on the Licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues and asks that you complete an online survey to enable your views to be heard and taken into account.


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