Common Good Consultation 2022

Closes 31 Mar 2022

Opened 21 Dec 2021


This consultation seeks your views on the Common Good registers for the former Burghs of the Scottish Borders.

All former Burghs have a 'Common Good' which comprises the land, buildings, art, artefacts and funds which were owned and managed by the Burgh Council on behalf of the residents of the Burgh. The Burgh system was extinguished in 1975 but the assets owned by the Burgh at that date continue to be owned by the Common Good, which is administered by Councillors who sit as Common Good Trustees.

Following an investigation of the assets held by Scottish Borders Council, we have prepared a draft asset register for each former Burgh. We have considered title deeds (for land and buildings), museum records and old Burgh minutes. Where an asset was donated to the town, prior to 1975;  where it was purchased from Common Good funds; or where it has historically  been used by the people of the town as a public asset , we have determined that the asset should form part of the Common Good.

However, we are seeking your views on whether you think any additional assets should be included on these registers, and if so, why. You may also have further information on the assets noted. Or you may think that an item on the register is not Common Good.

Once the survey closes, we will publish all representations received. We will then consider the evidence available and determine, at a meeting of each Common Good Sub-Committee, whether any assets should be added to the register (or removed). We will then publish our response to the representations received, and the final register within 6 months of the closing of this consultation.

Please note that if any additional information comes to light after the publishing of the final register, the register can be amended to include newly identified assets.

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